Cleveland opt for Pettine

The Cleveland Browns have appointed Mike Pettine as their new coach following Rob Chudzinski’s departure at the end of the regular season. After a number of coaches were linked with the role, Cleveland decided to hand Pettine his first head coach’s position in the NFL.

Pettine was one of a number of candidates for the position, joining the likes of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter on the Browns shortlist before opting for Pettine.

Pettine made his name in the NFL as an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens, began making headlines for his impressive work as a defensive coordinator, spending four seasons with the New York Jets before moving to Buffalo last season.

Pettine guided defensive units to top-10 rankings in total defence in all five of his seasons as a defensive coordinator. Pettin’s aggressive system at Buffalo last season resulted in the Bills setting a franchise record of 57 sacks, the second most of any team in the NFL.

“Mike is the epitome of what we want the Browns to be: tough, aggressive and innovative with a blue-collar, team-first mentality. Most importantly, Mike has repeatedly shown the ability to lead his players to consistent improvement and success, clearly what we are striving for.” said Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

Pettin’e first task in Cleveland could be getting the fans on side. Most of them play on bet365 online. The Browns have not won more than five games in any of the previous six seasons, and fan unrest and impatience was a crucial factor behind Chudzinski being shown the door at the end of the season. 

San Diego Chargers Gain Momentum; Gears Up for Title

For the ones who believe miracles and lucky omens, San Diego Chargers are hot favorites this season to grab the superbowl title this season. Last five season champion records went in favor of the first team who played away Philadelphia Eagles. This season, Charger has beaten Eagles under 33-30 score – a commendable logic that certainly shows their chance to grab the title this on-going season.
However, the Bolt’s are not enjoying any favorable chance to get past their initial play-off hurdle to Cincinnati Bengals. They are an inexperienced side this season. Even, Tom Telesco, their general manager and Mike McCoy, their head coach are into their first year to train the team.
It was just six weeks back that the present underdogs were able to win merely 4 games out of 10. Seven teams in the squad already have proven themselves in a better position to be in the final berth of wild-card.
However, their hopes re-kindled last weekend after their tremendous effort against Kansas City Chief, during overtime.
The Chargers grabbed thirds position in the division. According to McCoy, they only aimed to get in the match and turn it in their favor.
The Pro Bowl quarterback, Philip Rivers mentioned that they entered the arena with a positive mindset. He is hopeful that the team would retain the mindset throughout the season. The team management and the player understand their current position in the contest. They are into the knockout action with vigor throughout the last month and cannot afford to lose any game in the chronology.
The Bengal has a record of losing their grip at such an important stage, in three seasons. The Chargers would face daring Bengals who are also seemingly eager to put a break on the movement of Chargers. is awaiting high response from bettors across the country for this contending challenge.

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